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Book review by Antonia C. Novello, 14th U.S. Surgeon General

It has never been easy to mingle among those who were the first ones, especially the forgotten capable women. Whether blamed on society, prejudices, or lack of opportunities and mentors, the truth is that the recognition of women of worth has lagged behind.

With the current changes in our modern society, however, it has become more feasible to see many of us women leap forward and finally achieve our much needed and deserved recognition.

The women portrayed in Over, Under, Around and Through are vivid examples of what can and has been accomplished, against all odds, whenever women set their heart, mind and souls on accomplishing the shattering of the glass ceiling.

Women like the ones portrayed here have shown to the world that to succeed one must lose the fear of becoming number one!

These life stories attest to the fact that for women on the move, fear can never be an option. Accomplishing the glass shattering for them has been through a collection of multiple actions – the most important being helping others on the way up, achieving success by merit and dedication, and never knowingly blocking the path of so many other women like them, who also deserve a chance to climb the ladder of opportunity.

It is very apparent that becoming who they are now was never an easy task. It took planning, sometimes silently, accompanied by hope, and more than anything else, the absence of placing time limits on the accomplishment of their dream.

They never forgot that on the road they so much wanted to travel, their forceful footsteps while careful, were meant to become road maps for future generations of women.

I hope you enjoy these life stories. Some of them will enlighten you. Most of them, however, will serve to motivate you to come out of your shield of fear and defeat and finally enjoy the view from above the ceiling that kept you behind.

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