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Excerpt | CULTIVATING A SERVANT HEART by Caitlin Mae Lyga Wilson

Updated: Nov 20, 2023


In this opening, I offer what feels intuitive to share right now with you, beloved reader, as you hold the important question of how to cultivate a servant heart. If we listen closely to fear, anger, and division that surrounds us, we may really hear we are living in a time of collective yearning for deep connection.

Indigenous author, teacher, and advisor Sherri Mitchell writes of the great difference in values between Euro-American societies and Indigenous Peoples. Our larger society has valued individuality, youth, competition, aggression, speaking, conquest, arrogance, saving, exclusivity, fragmentation, and winning. Traditional Native American values run in stark contrast: community, elders, cooperation, patience, listening, harmony, humility, sharing, inclusivity, wholeness, and collaboration.

One may look at our times and see an era where the greatest choice we can make is to reimagine what we value. A re-returning to precolonial, pre-patriarchal society principles. Today’s prophets are speaking ancient wisdom into modern life. They are pointing to what our elders taught us: We are living in a time of prophecy.

We are beautifully complex humans, full of emotions, stories, hormones, and an overriding, intuitive capacity to love, should we choose it. Once we become aware, we can choose it; once we choose it, we continue to choose it; once we have ingrained it into our way of living, we can inspire others to live in this way; when we are inspiring one another, we tend our collective yearning.

To inspire a life of love over self is to be a servant leader. And now, we need awakened servant leaders to awaken the servant leader inside all of us more than ever—in all walks of life, all corners of the world, all dimensions of living.

There is something special about the heart of a person who lives her life this way.

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