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Pub Day | Tree With Golden Apples



Acclaimed storyteller Susan Strauss publishes new book about botanical and agricultural folklore with Fulcrum Publishing.

Wheat Ridge, CO — November 15, 2022. Renowned storyteller Susan Strauss, author of TREE WITH GOLDEN APPLES: BOTANICAL AND AGRICULTURAL WISDOM IN WORLD MYTHS (Fulcrum Publishing, November 2022), examines a variety of plant-based stories from around the world, sharing tales from an array of cultural traditions to provide a unique resource for teachers and general readers alike. Through gorgeous storytelling, colorful illustrations, and accompanying scientific interpretation, this new book is a singular source for those interested in world myth. Susan Strauss has long been recognized in the storytelling community for her talent both in writing and performing, and this book showcases her gifts.

Tree with Golden Apples is a book that any plant lover, any story lover, and any art lover will want on their bookshelves. It draws on sources ranging from Central American to Roman to Chinese myths, providing an artifact of the enduring power of the living world and encouraging readers to share the stories with those around them.

Each section of the book includes a myth or folktale from a different part of the world, some tips about how to best share the story in a classroom or educational setting, a beautiful illustration of the story, and scientific interpretation of that specific tale.

We have gotten several prominent endorsements for the title:

“Susan Strauss expertly weaves myth, storytelling, and science in this gem of a book. She includes the natural cycles of life and death seen in nature and mirrored in the dance all humans encounter throughout our history. This connection of people and plants encourages our own personal desire to sink our hands in the rich, cool soil of the garden and grow something miraculous.”

—Christine Capra, Coauthor and Editor, The Profession and Practice of Horticultural Therapy (CRC Press, 2019); Cofounder of the Horticultural Therapy Institute

“Susan ‘gets’ that everything in the world around us is translated into a bright arc of story that ignites the sky in a thunderstorm, a blinding flash followed by that concussion of recognition that we are all that hero with a thousand faces, and that all human history is autobiography.”

—Shelton Johnson, Acclaimed Storyteller, Author, and Interpreter

As many readers, storytellers, and booksellers have already shared, this book is one that they love having on their shelves. It’s a book that can provide guidance on how to share stories while also giving us a glimpse into other cultural traditions and our connection with the living universe.

Contact Susan Strauss through her publisher |

Note to Media Susan Strauss is available for events, interviews, workshops, or guest writing. To arrange an interview, contact Kateri Kramer, Fulcrum Publishing Marketing Director. Email: Phone: 303-928-8216


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