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Advanced Praise

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"Susan ‘gets’ that everything in the world around us is translated into a bright arc of story that ignites the sky in a thunderstorm, a blinding flash followed by that concussion of recognition that we are all that hero with a thousand faces, and that all human history is autobiography"

—Shelton Johnson, Acclaimed Storyteller, Author, and Interpreter 

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Written by Susan Strauss

Susan Strauss is a storyteller, visiting children’s author, natural history author, keynote speaker, creator of The Passionate Fact Interpretive Training Workshop (TM) on Storytelling Science, Natural History & Cultural Information, an environmental educator, natural history interpreter and studying eurythmist. She is recognized internationally as a storyteller of natural history performances, combining mythic/traditional story with personal anecdote and scientific information to provoke an experience of natural archetypes, including: water, wolves, weather, coyotes, plants, marine life, landscapes, trees, bears, birds and other creatures, as well as telling fool stories, hero myths and traditional stories of feminine and masculine archetypes. 


About the book

Tree With Golden Apples is a collection of twelve evocative stories drawn from world myths that reveal both the beauty and truth offered to humans by the plant kingdom. Susan Strauss, a renowned professional storyteller, and educator, begins each section with insights and ideas to help new and established storytellers tell stories in the best way possible.  Following each story, the scientific significance of the story is explained, providing a depth of content and connection for the storyteller and the audience.  These stories help us connect the rich oral tradition to the world around us. 

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