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Alison Auch (she/her)

(pronounced: Ouck) Alison is senior editor at Fulcrum Publishing. She has worked with Fulcrum for many years, both as a freelancer and as in-office staff. In addition to working at Fulcrum, she worked at Shortland Publications, where she edited educational literacy books for the school market. She also worked at Westview Press as an associate acquisitions editor in economics, area studies, and geography. In between all of this, Alison worked as a freelance editor for a wide variety of publications while she raised her young daughter. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado with a degree in physical anthropology and is the author of several educational literacy books. In her spare time, she enjoys reading (without changing a word), running, exploring the outdoors, and writing poetry.

Alison Recommends:

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