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JUNE 1 – JUNE 30 


Fulcrum publishes nonfiction works that explore conservation and stewardship, American culture, civics, and the American West. We accept manuscripts for consideration each June. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please withdraw your submission if accepted elsewhere by emailing us. It is best practice to be familiar with our catalog before submitting. We encourage historically underrepresented individuals to submit (please note that while we used to publish full-color and photo books, we no longer do).  

Submit a query letter and synopsis (no more than 250 words) in the body of an email to If we are interested in further information, we will contact you. 

Please do not contact any specific staff about your submission. Please do not follow up until you’ve heard from us. We will respond to your submission in 3-4 months. Because of the number of submissions we get, we may not be able to provide personal notes or critiques in each response.  


This submission period is open to manuscripts in English. Individual essays/pieces from the manuscript may have been published previously in magazines, chapbooks of fewer than 48 pages, or anthologies, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished. Previously self-published collections are not eligible.

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