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Advance Praise

“None of us is where we are today because we got here on our own. We have all had those around us help sometimes in unexpected, small but significant ways, while others may have had a larger imprint. Those who read [this] book will be more grateful for those who have positively shaped them in the past and be more purposeful in how they make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. God knows, the world needs more of that. This book is a must-read for all of us.” 

  —Chuck Wachendorfer, President of Distribution, think2perform and author of Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It 


About the Book

Take a journey of leadership development and community service with a broad collection of prominent servant leaders.


Follow along the inward journey of servant leaders as community leaders and influential businesspeople share insights and stories about their life’s work. These stories, woven together with the unifying threads of our past, present, and future, are filled to the brim with inspiring insights and life lessons.  

Whether it be a nonprofit, large corporation, faith community, or the city streets, these leaders take readers along through their childhoods, leadership development, visions for the future, and the passions that continue to energize and cultivate their servant leadership lifestyle. Readers will learn exactly how servant leaders have, and continue to, nurture hearts of love, and do the work of softening the heart—a task that is never done.  

Readers will learn lessons about: 

  • Community building  

  • Sacred listening 

  • Leadership development 


While the contents of the book read like a well-told story, it also works as a guide for all those who seek to serve others, build compassion, open hearts, and develop strong bonds within their community. Whether you are a practitioner of traditional servant leadership or not, these insights can be applied to any person in any situation. 

Caitlin Mae Lyga Wilson

Caitlin Mae Lyga Wilson is a mother, servant leadership author, noted speaker, and award-winning writer and singer/songwriter. Caitlin has spent nearly two decades nurturing connections through her work in communications. She began her career as a journalist in 2005 and transitioned to corporate communications, working to bridge the gap in organizations between executive leaders and front-line employees. Through listening programs, storytelling campaigns, leadership coaching, and mindfulness education, Caitlin has helped cultures evolve and companies grow their impact. She currently serves as vice president of communications and inclusion at Marine Credit Union, a cooperative whose mission is to advance the lives of people from a place of financial need to a life of ownership and giving back in their communities.

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