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Within these pages, readers will find an incantation of attention, patience, and what endures through the generations: a fierce love of place.” –Terry Tempest Williams, Author of The Hour of Land

Wheat Ridge, CO — September 13, 2022. Joseph Bruchac, PhD, author of A YEAR OF MOONS: STORIES FROM THE ADIRONDACK FOOTHILLS (Fulcrum Publishing, September 2022), provides a reflection on the rhythms of the land, the plants and animals that surround us, and the connections that link humans, animals, and our natural world. With one foot rooted firmly in the inheritance of nature essays, and another rooted firmly in Bruchac’s Indigenous Abenaki heritage, the collection is an artifact of a beautiful landscape and the changes encountered throughout the year.

The book is both poetic and a call to action to care for our Mother Earth. Bruchac weaves personal stories, haiku, and the Abenaki lunar cycles together to create a beautifully braided picture of the Adirondack landscape, while placing these stories in our greater shared context. While floods, fires, and warming temperatures continue to threaten this place we call home, Bruchac’s healing words are more important than ever.

Bruchac is well-known for his storytelling prowess, and this book is a shining example. Readers will find themselves enveloped in the rolling hills and quiet forests of the Adirondack foothills as he takes us month by month through the landscape. In his thoughtful and perceptive way, Bruchac contemplates the changing of the seasons, his relationship with the creatures and plant life that share his home, and a vision of stewardship. He explores each month of the year through the lens of the lunar cycles, as he considers Abenaki traditions and stories, along with his own experience of the world around him. His curiosity and reverence for the earth shine through on every page as he looks at the place he calls home with new eyes, reflected by the changing of each month’s moon.

Traci Sorell, author of Powwow Day, says “Bruchac’s A Year of Moons weaves seasonal observations, remembrances, and stories into each chapter, engaging the reader's imagination, heart, and senses, and then wraps up each one with beautiful haiku. A journey not to be missed!” As many readers, independent booksellers, and the trade media have already shared, this book is one that should be on everyone’s shelf. It’s a book that can provide guidance on how to love our earth a little more and a little better while getting swept up in the lyricism and beauty of Bruchac’s language.

A Year of Moons: Stories from the Adirondack Foothills is available on: Amazon (paperback) $18.95 (kindle) $18

Contact Joseph Bruchac through his publisher |

Note to Media Joseph Bruchac is available for events, interviews, or guest writing. To arrange an interview, contact Kateri Kramer, Fulcrum Publishing Marketing Director. Email: Phone: 303-928-8216

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