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Pub Day | Otters Dance: A Rancher's Journey to Enlightenment and Stewardship

Rancher and longtime conservation advocate releases new book about the beauty of Wyoming.

Wheat Ridge, CO — October 4, 2022. Bob Budd, author of OTTERS DANCE: A RANCHER’S JOURNEY TO ENLIGHTENMENT AND STEWARDSHIP (Fulcrum Publishing, October 2022), examines the beautiful, windswept landscape of Wyoming, and more widely, our relationship to the lands we call home. This book is a unique call to action to care for our one and only earth from a voice often left out of the conservation conversation: ranchers. Through personal stories and the retelling of lessons learned from people Budd met along the way, readers gain a deep appreciation for wildlife, conservation, and the arduous work of ranching.

Bob Budd grew up on the land with the wind at his back and the wide vista of Wyoming ranchland stretching out before him. His family ranch in Wyoming was passed down, alongside an undying reverence for the land, from generation to generation. Budd spent his childhood learning skills and pocketing wisdom from his family, the ranch, and their community.

Otters Dance is a story of stewardship and love from the perspective of a lifelong rancher. It tells the rhythms of the land, of the people and creatures that make it special, and the ways we can protect it, sharing a universal message about the importance of caring for our natural world. It is an elegy to the place that made Budd who he is today and asks the reader to take some of that love and care back to the places that have imprinted themselves on their lives.

C. J. Box, the bestselling author of Shadow Days, says, “Otters Dance is a treatise on ranching, conservation, wildlife, family, and most of all a unique appreciation of our home state of Wyoming. The essays in this collection come from a lifetime of observing, listening to, and studying the land and the old-timers who were here before us. This is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to understand the landscape, history, and culture of the rural Mountain West.”

As many readers, independent booksellers, and the trade media have already shared, this book is one that should be on everyone’s shelf. It’s a book that can provide guidance on how to love our earth a little more while gaining further compassion and appreciation for the lands we call home.

Contact Bob Budd through his publisher |

Note to Media Bob Budd is available for events, interviews, or guest writing. To arrange an interview, contact Kateri Kramer, Fulcrum Publishing Marketing Director. Email: Phone: 303-928-8216

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