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Pub Day | The American Republic Can Save American Democracy

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Former Senator Gary Hart, one of America’s great leaders and thinkers, reminds Americans about the importance of the Republic and the role of the citizen, against the backdrop of the January 6th hearings.

Wheat Ridge, CO — September 6, 2022. Senator Gary Hart, author of THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC CAN SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY (Fulcrum Publishing, September 2022), examines our contemporary moment and asks Americans to look to our principles and our history in order to move forward. The book is a timely and eloquent call to action to save our American Democracy. Through an examination of the history of the republican ideal, as well as its role in America’s founding, Hart makes the strong case that it is only by restoring the key virtues of the republic and by citizens playing an active role in public life that American democracy can be saved. With threats to our American Republic from both outside and within, this book is more important than ever.

Foreword Reviews notes that “The book stirs alarm over weak responses to the Capitol attack in particular, as well as to the disinformation campaigns that preceded it. But it also inspires hope and a sense of civic duty, reminding American readers that their country belongs to each of them in equal measure, and that taking pride in and fighting for their nation could be its salvation...The American Republic Can Save American Democracy is a compelling clarion call to American citizens, encouraging them to act on behalf of their imperiled nation.”

Senator Hart has been covered nationally and internationally for his accomplishments over more than 50 years of public service. He made history by becoming the only senator to obtain a Ph.D. political thought from Oxford University. He has a storied political career, with extensive experience in U.S/Russia relations, and was a visionary in national security and environmental issues. He is the recipient of the Grande Ufficiale from the Italian Republic, The Secretary of Defense’s Award for Exceptional Public Service, and The Award of Merit from Yale Law School.

As authoritarianism, the Russia/Ukraine war, and continuing information about the January 6th Insurrection continue to dominate the news, The American Republic Can Save American Democracy is essential reading. Many individuals are worried about the direction the American Republic; Senator Hart’s prescriptive book provides a solution.

The American Republic Can Save American Democracy is available on: Amazon (paperback) $15.95 (kindle) $11.99 Barnes & Noble Goodreads

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Note to Media Senator Hart is available for interviews or guest writing. To arrange an interview, contact Kateri Kramer, Fulcrum Books Marketing Director. Email: Phone: 303-928-8216

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