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Publication Day: Dawn Land



Dawn Land, a dramatic illumination of the highly developed value system of these pre-contact native people. 

Wheat Ridge, CO — April 9, 2024– Fulcrum Publishing is excited to announce the publication of Dawn Land, by Joseph Bruchac. 


About ten thousand years ago in the northeast, the Abenaki– People of the Dawn Land – created a thriving community in social and ecological balance with nature and with each other. One of the finest sons of the People is Young Hunter, who dedicates himself to becoming a pure hunter. But a shadow is crossing over this place, threatening his beloved homeland, and Young Hunter is called to its defense. The deep-seeing one of his village, Bear Talker, tells him that the change will be brought by beings of great power, with cold hearts and a terrible hunger, and Young Hunter has been chosen to fight them. "This young one will do things for the people," Bear Talker thought. "If he survives...if he survives." 


Dawn Land is: 


  • More than an action-packed saga of a dangerous journey, it is a dramatic illumination of the highly developed value system of these pre-contact native people 

  • An unforgettable story that enriches the reader with a greater understanding of the lifeways of native peoples, lifeways that survive to this day because they are built on maintaining balance and harmony with nature. 

  • An illustration of the vital importance of women in Native American societies. 


Bruchac asks young readers to think about what the land they reside on once was like, what animals and peoples inhabited it, and what can they do now to be more connected to that world.  


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Note to Media: If you’re interested in virtual events, interviews, or collaborations with the author, please contact Kateri Kramer Fulcrum Publishing’s marketing director. 


About Fulcrum Publishing: Fulcrum Publishing is a leading independent publisher of literary works that explore conservation and stewardship, American culture, civics, and the American West. Our mission is to empower authors and engage readers through timeless, thought-provoking titles that inspire passion, progress, and perseverance. 


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