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The American Republic Can Save American Democracy | Open For Pre order

Senator Gary Hart, author of THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC CAN SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY (Fulcrum Publishing, September 2022) examines our contemporary moment and, as he has throughout a career dedicated to public service, asks Americans to look to our principles and our history in order to move forward. This book is a timely and eloquent call to action, providing a solution to our present challenges.

In 1776, America’s Founders proclaimed the new nation a Republic with a democratic form of government. Although American democracy has survived for almost 250 years, the rise of populist nationalism in the United States and abroad creates a potent threat that highlights democracy’s vulnerability. In THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC CAN SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, Gary Hart argues that only by restoring the qualities of the republic in America, namely popular sovereignty, a sense of the common good, resistance to corruption, and civic virtue can American democracy be saved for future generations.

THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC CAN SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY begins: “Restoration of the American Republic is vital now more than ever. For it is the qualities of the republic and the republican ideal that can save America’s democratic values from the looming threat of authoritarianism.” Over the course of the book, Senator Hart expounds upon the qualities and virtues of republics, our complex history as a nation, and the contemporary threats to American democracy, asking all citizens to play a role in our collective future. With threats to our American Republic from both outside and within, this book is more important than ever.

As Hugh Jackman writes: “Senator Hart’s voice can heal the country and chart a real course toward equality, freedom, and hope for all.” We are excited to share this new, important book. You can pre-order the book here, and if you’re interested in providing a review or endorsement, please check any quotes against the final copy of the book.

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