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“In our journey to the mountaintop, we have attempted to discover through painting and writing an answer to the question of why?”


Two friends, an artist and a writer, are jolted into awareness and introspection — one by a near-death experience and the other by the sudden passing of friends. They embark on a shared journey of discovery in America’s first wilderness, the Catskill Mountains, where they reflect write, sketch, and paint. Glorying in the peace and beauty of nature, they explore everything from the wisdom of Native Americans to the thoughts of scientists and naturalists such as Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau. The result of their odyssey, Journey to the Mountaintop, offers a thoughtful and poetic consideration of our relationship to nature. This inspirational book will strike a chord with anyone seeking to live life to the fullest in the time we are here. 

Journey to the Mountaintop



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