Advanced Praise

Sticks and Stones

In many cases, books are written not for the reader, but for the author to tell their story, make a buck, or both. It is obvious reading this book that the impetus was driven by a passion to help others. Someone new to management, as well as someone that has filled that role for some time and is just looking to be better, can learn from the information presented. A common response after reading this book will be, “I wish I would have known this sooner.” 

 —Donald Kudek, Assistant Professor / Academic Chair – School of Business, Wisconsin Lutheran College 


Written by Bernard Osborne

Bernard Osborne obtained his master of servant leadership (MASL) degree from Viterbo University and a bachelor of science in management with a certificate in human resources from Cardinal Stritch University. He is a lifelong employee of the flow-instrumentation side of Badger Meter. He continues to grow his unique perspective on leadership and management through the real-life challenges and educational programs and activities sponsored by the organization, one of which includes Leadership Racine, where after graduating in 2016, he has been graciously presented with the opportunity to deliver the opening presentation on servant leadership to each new class. He has also introduced and facilitates the servant leadership/followership roundtable for his community. He currently resides in Racine, Wisconsin, with his wife and three rescued shelter dogs. His hobbies are reading and continuous education, playing the NAF, tongue-pan drums, bass guitar, recumbent bike riding, cooking, working in his small native-plant prairie garden, dressing as a mascot for children’s birthday parties, and participating in interactive Halloween yard displays. 


The first installment in a new series in partnership with the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University.

Iron sharpens iron, and conscientious reflection-after-action has the possibility to turn experiences into wisdom. When we become more self-aware and seek to continually improve ourselves, we can use experiences to make the changes necessary to better our lives and the lives of others.   

Most people have a desire to help and serve others, ourselves, and achieve a balanced, healthy, and productive life within our chosen career and in our personal lives. In this book aimed at emerging leaders, especially those in managerial roles, Bernard Osborne takes new and familiar practitioners of servant leadership through techniques, philosophies, and practices to enhance anyone’s leadership abilities. The lessons learned in this leadership arboretum are crafted to help create the right conditions to allow the magic of growth to happen. 

The Author is donating a portion of his proceeds of this book to The Place of Grace in La Crosse, Wisconsin