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745 - A Conversation With Dr. Antonia Novello, Former Surgeon General

Dr. Antonia Novella served as the 14th Surgeon General under President George H.W. Bush from 1989 - 1993. She is the first female and first Hispanic Surgeon General in U.S. history. Dr. Novella talks with Dr. Josh Sharfstein about her life and career, from being born with a rare condition called Hirschsprung’s disease to her childhood in Puerto Rico and her notable career in medicine and public health. She also discusses facing prejudice, staring down Big Tobacco, and even buying support hose for a U.S. Senator. You can read more in her new autobiography:

Read more about the epic surgeons general event here:

First Woman, Latina Surgeon General Details Life of Public Service in New Book

Photo credit Jack Thompson

America’s first woman and Latina Surgeon General, Dr. Antonia Novello, is not done yet.

Pioneering doctor shares her ‘unexpected life of service’

This Latina almost died "from shock" when she became the first female general surgeon in the United States.

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