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A new and energetic perspective on Servant Leadership

Wheat Ridge, CO — October 18, 2022. Bernard Osborne, author of SERVANT LEADERSHIP FROM THE MIDDLE (Fulcrum Publishing, October 2022), examines the skills and mindset middle managers and aspiring leaders need to hone their leadership skills. This book is a unique and innovative look at servant leadership, which can be applied to managers across every field. Through the sharing of personal stories, combined with practical skills and techniques, Osborne takes readers through everything they need to know to maximize their leadership potential.

As a new voice for the servant leadership movement, Osborne takes veteran and emerging leaders through the essential steps needed for success as a manager, while staying true to servant leadership principles. Using his own career as a manager as a model, along with stories from other managers, Osborne connects management and servant leadership theory to real-world experience. It is the first book in an exciting new Servant Leadership series, in collaboration with the D.B Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University.

As Osborne notes, “Iron sharpens iron, and conscientious reflection-after-action has the possibility to turn experiences into wisdom.” Most of us have a desire to help and serve others, while achieving a balanced, healthy, and productive life within our chosen careers and in our personal lives. Osborne notes that, when we become more self-aware and seek to improve ourselves, we can use experiences to make the changes necessary to better our lives and the lives of others. We can, in effect, serve others and the common good, while also growing our organizations. The lessons learned in this leadership arboretum are crafted to help create the right conditions to allow the magic of this growth to happen.

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Note to Media Bernard Osborne is available for events, interviews, or guest writing. To arrange an interview, contact Kateri Kramer, Fulcrum Publishing Marketing Director. Email: Phone: 303-928-8216


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