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Publication Day | On Farms and Rural Communities


In On Farms and Rural Communities, renowned rural historian Jerry Apps urges us to recognize the importance of rural farming communities and to build a new, stronger agriculture policy for our future. 


Wheat Ridge, CO — March 26, 2024 – Fulcrum Publishing is excited to announce the publication of On Farms and Rural Communities: An Agricultural Ethic for the Future by Jerry Apps. 


In a twenty-first-century landscape marked by unprecedented challenges, the vital role of agriculture and rural communities has never been clearer. From pandemic-related shortages to climate impacts, Americans are increasingly aware of their reliance on rural farms and, by extension, their surrounding communities. In On Farms and Rural Communities: An Agricultural Ethic for the Future, Apps offers a unique perspective as both an award-winning rural historian and farmer, highlighting the importance of shaping agricultural policy in the face of environmental, economic, and demographic challenges. 


Key points of On Farms and Rural Communities include: 


  • Highlighting the detrimental effects of industrialized agriculture, where profit often takes precedence over environmental stewardship. 

  • Exploring the once-close relationship between farmers and rural villages; recently, these relationships have faltered, leaving many communities struggling to survive. 

  • Advocating for a paradigm shift towards a sustainable agriculture model that respects and nurtures the land, emphasizing the importance of ethical land use. 

  • Presenting innovative approaches to food production that align with sustainable rural community development.  

  • Stressing the need for collaboration between rural and urban communities to develop a shared reverence for the land and a sustainable agricultural ethic for the future. 


Jerry Apps urges the creation of an agricultural ethic that looks at the land and the people, celebrating all that has made American farming an essential part of our history. The book is a must-read for all Americans, providing insight and hope for our nation’s future. 



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Note to Media: If you’re interested in virtual events, interviews, or collaborations with the author, please contact Maya Roberts, Fulcrum Publishing’s Community Outreach & Marketing Associate.  

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