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“That the women profiled in this wonderful book had the courage to forge their own dreams for a better world, and continue to fight for them no matter what the obstacles, is testament to the fact that each of us can make a difference.”


--from the preface by Patricia A. Forkan

Executive Vice President of The Humane Society of the United States



  • Explore how elephants can communicate across long distances through infrasound.
  • Discover how Rachel Carson, despite personal tragedy, exposed the dangers of using pesticides.
  • Read how one simple invention can ensure clean water for many developing nations.
  • These and other stories, plus suggestions for improving our environment, will entertain and inspire readers who also hope to protect our earth.


Eco-Women covered in this book:


  • Rachel Carson
  • Jane Goodall
  • Margaret Murie
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas
  • Barbara Kerr
  • Gertrude Blom
  • Katharine Payne
  • Wangari Maathai

Eco-Women: Protectors of the Earth

  • Juvenile Nonfiction

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