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An exciting new look at the essential gathering spaces in our society where friendships are formed, relationships are nurtured, and the tapestry of community is woven.
Do you have a third place? Your first place is home, your second place is work, and your third place is where you go to socialize and build friendships. Yet, for several reasons, many people today find themselves without a third place of their own. At a time when our nation is facing an epidemic of loneliness and communities are suffering from a loss of trust, low levels of engagement, despair, and political polarization, what if the answer to many of our problems lies in a simple idea? What if we just need to pay attention to the places where we find ourselves?
Richard Kyte, PhD combines storytelling, social science, and philosophy to explore:

  • What makes a third place
  • What it takes to find and create a third place of your own
  • Factors that create and support vibrant communities
  • The role of hospitality in creating belonging and social connection
  • How third places foster friendships and bind us to others in our community



“Rick Kyte's insight into the vital human experience of connection and friendship is both scholarly and inspiring... It's time to look outward and engage more fully with others in our third places.” 

—Amy Dickinson, “Ask Amy” advice columnist










Praise for Finding Your Third Place


“Wise, informative, helpful. Finding Your Third Place offers an amazing blend of science, art, and philosophy that at the same time educates, uplifts, and inspires you to reach out and help someone who may be feeling lonely today. During the present times when our ‘society is meeting all our needs except that of friendships,’ Rick Kyte’s work and insights are timeless and much needed, both at work and in personal life.” 

—Dr. Amit Sood, author of Mindfulness Redesigned and The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living 


“Rick Kyte’s plea to find a place in our lives for friendship could not be more timely. He weaves together storytelling, literature, and empirical evidence in a book that reminds us that simple fellowship is the first step to solving many of the problems facing our communities and our world.” 

—Dr. Stephanie A. Urchick, Rotary International President, 2024–2025 


“As Rick Kyte observes, ‘It is in conversation that we find belonging.’ Read this lovely, thoughtful book and then go out and engage. With someone, anyone—whether it’s a cherished old friend who needs you at a dire moment, or a complete stranger who is searching for a light in life—wherever it is that you connect. It will help you. It will help them. And that help will cascade in crucial ways that will fill you with joy and purpose.” 

—Lisa Napoli, Author of Ray and Joan and Radio Shangri-La 


“In Finding Your Third Place, Rick Kyte rekindles ‘the feelings that make the town’ of which Socrates spoke so long ago. Kyte’s symposium is a modern homage to friendship and love. In this wonderful book, he sees our modern world through the eyes of ancient classical wisdom, and that helps us see ourselves anew, giving us new understanding of who we are and what we need for abundant human life. Kyte interweaves stories of everyday life with ancient wisdom to bring home powerful timeless truths about the importance of love, friendship, and community that will change us and the way we see the world forever.”  

—Jim Bailey, MD, Benjamin Franklin Award–winning author of The End of Healing 


“Kyte shows us the essential role of third places, like an underground aquifer that allows the flourishing of all. Finding Your Third Place is about finding ourselves, finding the taproot of a common life, finding the very foundations of being human, together.” 

—Dr. Amy Oden, Adjunct Professor of Early Church History and Spirituality, St. Paul School of Theology; author of Right Here, Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness 


“This book will challenge readers to rethink how our lives and communities have been arranged for efficiency and the impact that has had on not only our individual social and emotional well-being, but also the health of our communities. Third places are the antidote for isolation.” 

—Beth Hartung, Owner of Pearl Street Books 

Finding Your Third Place: Building Happier Communities (and Making Great...

June 25th, 2024
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology/Social Theory

    PSYCHOLOGY / Interpersonal Relations

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