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A summary of conservation books that anyone interested in the topic should read!


Writings on the land, conservation, and the wilderness have a long and distinguished history. Yet the important writers to some are unknown or unread by others. This book is an attempt to list the authors and books that everyone should know about. 


Heaven and Nature Sing features a full list of must-read conservation books. Each title is summarized, with an excerpt, and a short biography of the author. There is also an informative history of what was happening in the world when each of these books were written, giving added insight into what shaped or informed the message of each of these important titles.


Each books was selected because it mattered when it was written and is still very readable today. Authors can have immediate influence in many ways or they may move more slowly. In time, some books become classics and influence other writers and the general public. 


We, as human beings, can avoid problems before they occur if we have the wisdom and the will to look forward and fight for what we believe in. Reading the books by these writers will show that others have had their fights. We owe much and can learn from them.

Heaven & Nature Sing: A Suggested Reading List



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