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Nine passionate managers of America’s public lands describe what is so special about our wild and natural places and why we need to protect them for future generations. Those interviewed include Dan Ashe, Director, US Fish & Wildlife Service (2011-2016); David Hayes, Deputy Secretary of Interior (2009-2013); Jon Jarvis, Director, US Park Service (2009-2017); Sally Jewell, Secretary of Interior, 2013-2017); Neil Kornze, Director, Bureau of Land Management, (2013-2017); Jim Kurth, Acting Director, US Fish & Wildlife Service (2017); Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior, (2009-2013); Tom Tidwell, Chief, US Forest Service 2009-2017); and Leslie Weldon, Deputy Chief, National Forest Systems (2012-present).

Keepers of Our Public Lands, DVD

  • 35 minutes

  • DVD

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