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Servant Leadership Lessons from the Leadership Arboretum

From the tradition of Servant Leadership comes a young, new, voice for the movement.


Iron sharpens iron, and conscientious reflection-after-action has the possibility to turn experiences into wisdom. When we become more self-aware and seek to continually improve ourselves, we can use experiences to make the changes necessary to better our lives and the lives of others.  

Most people have a desire to help and serve others, ourselves, and achieve a balanced, healthy, and productive life within our chosen career and in our personal lives. In this book aimed at leaders at all levels of organizations, Bernard Osborne takes new and familiar practitioners of Servant Leadership through techniques, philosophies, and practices to enhance anyone's leadership abilities. The lessons learned in this leadership arboretum are crafted to help create the right conditions to allow the magic of growth to happen. 


The Author is donating a portion of his proceeds of this book to The Place of Grace in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Servant Leadership From The Middle


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