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The University of Colorado opened its medical school in 1883. It grew over the next sixty years as new doctors were trained. This a book describing the advances in cardiac kidney, liver and other surgeries over the last sixty years and  the doctors who developed the heart lung machine, coronary artery surgery and heart transplants for adults and young children.  Everyone interested in the history of the medical school and the contributions to the health and well-being of our population will enjoy this book.

Sixty Years on a Cutting Edge: University of Colorado, Department of Surgery...

  • Dr. Paton was born in India, educated in Scotland, served as a lieutenant of the Royal Marine Commando and worked as a  doctor in Kenya and Scotland before coming to the United Sates. He was a leading cardiologist and served as Chief of Cardiac Surgery for twenty years. He was a mountaineer and president of the Wilderness Medical Society. Dr. Paton is the author of Lewis and Clark: Doctors in the Wilderness and Adventuring with Boldness: The Triumph of the Explorers. 

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