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A young woman’s inspiring story of fighting the Nazis in the Belgian and French resistance


“Squirrel Is Alive is a charming memoir of a young Belgian resistance fighter whose exploits during the German occupation of her country were the stuff of legend. As a young woman, she served as a courier transferring information, arms, and ammunition between resistance groups, defying the Nazis and leading a daring and adventurous life. Her journey took her into the arms of a liberating American soldier and into small-town America where she worked as a nurse.”

– Michael Berenbaum, Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies and Director,

Sigi Ziering Holocaust Institute


Mary Rostad was only sixteen years old when Nazis conquered her home city of Brussels in 1940. She joined the resistance movement, serving in Belgium and later France, as a courier of underground documents. Adopting the code name “Squirrel,” she walked over one thousand miles in frigid temperatures, far away from her home and her family to report on the movement of German troops. This heroic story challenges us to consider how we would act if faced with adversity.



Listen to Darryle Clott, a dear friend of Mary Rostad, share the importance of SQUIRREL IS ALIVE.

Squirrel is Alive

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