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Showcasing the life and writings of Colorado’s Poet Laureate, Thomas Hornsby Ferril. A long-awaited tribute to a writer of great importance, whose words tell of the timelessness of the Western landscape and the transience of all living things. As Carl Sandburg said, he was “terrifically and beautifully American…a poet, wit, historian, man of books and human affairs, and so definitely one of the Great Companions.” Thomas Hornsby Ferril was born in Denver, Where he remained a resident until his death in 1988. An award-winning poet, essayist, columnist, and coeditor with his wife of The Rocky Mountain Herald from 1939-1972, Ferril was appointed poet laureate of Colorado by Governor Richard Lamm in 1979. 


His poems and essays have appeared in American Heritage, American Mercury, American Poetry Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Colorado Quarterly, Denver Times, Harper’s, New Republic, The Nation, The New Yorker, New York Herald Tribune Books, The New York Times Magazine, Rocky Mountain News, Saturday Review of Literature, Scribner’s Magazine, The Yale Review, and elsewhere.

Thomas Hornsby Ferril and the American West

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