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Publication Day: On Censorship


On Censorship sheds light on the consequences of cancel culture and book banning in the US

Wheat Ridge, CO — September 12, 2023, Fulcrum Publishing is excited to announce the publication of On Censorship: A Public Librarian Examines Cancel Culture in the US by James LaRue.

In America today, more books are being banned than ever before. This censorship is part of a larger assault on such American institutions as schools, public libraries, and universities, and the push to censor is coming from across the ideological spectrum. As a prescription for this challenge, James LaRue issues a balanced and reasonable call to action for all citizens. This compelling and thoughtful book delves into the complex world of book censorship and its impact on society. La Rue, a nationally recognized expert on the topic, explores the constantly changing landscape of cancel culture and censorship through personal experience and his years of service as a public librarian.

Nancy Kranich, past president of the American Libraries Association, says, “On Censorship relates a masterful story that illuminates a bold and vivid tapestry of hypocrisy and greed, which drives today’s cancel culture. James LaRue poignantly recounts his own efforts to counter hundreds of challenges and inspires other fearless librarians to take courageous actions to elevate public engagement, thought, and exploration over censorship, fear, and ignorance.”

James LaRue was nominated as Colorado’s Librarian of the Year and was executive director of the American Libraries Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. Synthesizing his more than twenty-five years of experience on the front lines of fighting censorship, he takes the reader through attempts he encountered to remove or restrict access to ideas, while placing the debate in the greater context of the role of libraries and free expression in a democratic society. By examining past efforts at censorship and their dangerous impacts, LaRue asks the reader to reflect on how those times are not so different from today. With a balanced and nuanced perspective, this book provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges faced by individuals, institutions, and communities amidst the growing demands for censorship.

This book is essential reading for all those who believe in free expression, who support libraries, and who cherish the central freedoms that are the foundation of American democracy. With its engaging prose and thought-provoking content, On Censorship offers a guide for individuals, activists, librarians, and teachers alike. It serves as a timely reminder of the far-reaching consequences of censorship and cancel culture.

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