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Book Banning and 'On Censorship' Resources

Updated: Mar 28

"Read whatever they're trying to keep out of your eyes and your brain because that's exactly what you need to know.”

― Stephen King

At Fulcrum Publishing, the fight against censorship and book banning is more than a cause—it's a passionate commitment. As advocates for free expression and diverse voices, we understand the role that books play in challenging, inspiring, and shaping minds. In our dedication to fostering an environment where literature thrives unimpeded, we've curated resources for parents, educators, students, and concerned citizens alike. These tools empower you to advocate for intellectual freedom, respond effectively to book challenges, educate yourself about the disturbing trend of book bans, report instances of censorship, and much more. Join us on the front lines of defending the written word and ensuring a world where every voice is heard.


Advocacy and Awareness:

Responding to Challenges:

Education and Support:

Book Banning and Censorship in the News:

Fulcrum Blog Posts:


Censorship-themed Goodies

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