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Using Over, Under, Around, and Through in the Workplace

People love the stories in my award-winning book Over, Under, Around, and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles. They say they feel inspired and ready to face the obstacles in their lives. What if I could do a workshop where I brought the skills used by successful people to overcome the obstacles in their lives to everyone? And what if the key lessons to be imparted included everyone faces adversity and obstacles in their lives and everyone already has the skills they need to overcome the obstacles that they will face? That is what I have done in my workshop, Maximizing Your Potential: Thriving as Your Authentic Self in Today’s Workplace.

Each of us wants to bring our best self to the workplace, to be productive and rewarded for that productivity, and to have a high level of job satisfaction. Through group exercises, breakout sessions, paired activities, individual activities, and live Q&A, this half-day workshop will provide each attendee with actionable diverse skills—and help each one develop their own concrete plans—to achieve high levels of productivity and job satisfaction—that will enable them to thrive. Based on research and analysis of the skills that successful people put into practice to overcome the obstacles in their lives, attendees will learn from others in the workshop—building a real-time network —as well as being given strategies that they can use in their own lives to increase their mental health and wellness. Takeaways for attendees include breaking old habits and making new ones, enhancing their emotional intelligence, taking steps to improve their resilience, increasing their optimism, augmenting their networking and other opportunities for social support, and expanding their sense of humor.

To reinforce the material learned in the workshop so that attendees can address the real-time challenges in their lives, they will each receive a signed copy of Jill Tietjen’s book Over, Under, Around, and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles. Through powerful stories that can be put into action, the book documents in clear and easy to read language the ten skills – mental intelligence, emotional intelligence, social support, moral compass-spirituality, determination-perseverance-persistence, optimism, creativity, resilience, action-orientation, and passion – that each attendee already has and can use to overcome the obstacles in their lives. The stories make the complex simple and attendees will be able to digest and apply the lessons learned immediately to lead a better, more productive work and personal life.

The workshop is intended as personnel professional development training. It can be conducted at the venue of your choice—on-site, off-site, at retreats/advances, conferences, expos, and conventions.

Jill S. Tietjen, P.E., is an author, international speaker, and electrical engineer. With twelve books published as of mid 2023, she has been inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame, and the National Academy of Construction.

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