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An Essential Resource for Amateur Collectors and Insect Enthusiasts in the Rocky Mountain Region


Collecting bugs provides children and teenagers an avenue to discover the diversity and beauty of nature as well as the methodology of science. Many local organizations, such as 4-H clubs, hold display competitions, and often an amateur collector can “Scoop” the experts by finding a particularly rare, even unstudied specimen!


Most field guides, however, cover geographical ranges that are too large to allow for the detailed information that is essential to proper insect identification. Entomology professor Whitney Cranshaw and Boris Kondratieff have provided a detailed guide to the largest, most colorful and impressive insects and other arthropods of the Rocky Mountain region, including northern New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and sections of southern Canada.


Replete with information about each insect’s life habits, distribution, regional history and related species, Bagging Big Bugs also provides guidelines for collecting, labeling and displaying insect specimens. Latin names as well as common names are provided for each species (along with a pronunciation guide), and more than 250 photographs and line drawings make identification a snap. There is even a section highlighting commonly confused insects species and specimens!

Bagging Big Bugs

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  • Juvenile Nonfiction

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