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Outdoor recreation inherently leaves an impact on the land, but we can work to offset that impact by advocating for earth in our own circles, online and in our neighborhoods. The question is, can we use the digital space to protect the outdoors while still protecting our human spirit? 


We all share a responsibility to protect our planet––especially those of us in the outdoor industry––and in the digital age, access to advocacy is abundant. Social media hands us the tools to get educated, gather resources, organize and empower ourselves on whatever slice of the “save the planet” pie tickles your appetite to do good. The opportunity and potential for digital advocacy is dizzying––but what happens when we begin to tangle our personal identities with our pursuit of saving a dying earth? As users of public lands, we have an ethical responsibility to the planet. As inhabitants of our identities, we have an ethical responsibility to ourselves, too. 


Inside, the book covers topics like: 

  • The two types of advocacy 

  • Becoming an advocate for the outdoor industry 

  • Voting for the outdoor spaces you love the most 

  • The advocacy retention cycle 

  • Online bullying and stalking 



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On Digital Advocacy: Saving the Planet while Preserving Our Humanity

  • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Activism & Social Justice


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