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Outdoor recreation inherently leaves an impact on the land, but we can work to offset that impact by advocating for the earth in our own circles, online, and in our neighborhoods. The question is, can we use the digital space to protect the outdoors while still protecting our human spirit?


Whether you hike, bike, camp, climb, hunt, ride, paddle, paint, garden—whatever way you get out and enjoy nature, you leave an impact on the outdoors every time you step out your front door. Every step your boots take down dusty trails, every bolt your clip draws into, every time you cruise down a dirt road, till the soil, you leave an impact.


This toolkit, accompanied by On Digital Advocacy: Saving the Planet While Preserving our Humanity, is meant to be written in, doodled on, and loved as you take it along with you on your advocacy journey.


Check out On Digital Advocacy: Saving the Planet While Preserving our Humanity

On Digital Advocacy Toolkit

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