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This beautiful and informative journal makes it easy to capture the adventures and wonders of your safari.

Safari Journal

  • Boyd Norton has been photographing and working to save wilderness worldwide for more than 40 years. He is the author and/or photographer of fourteen books, three of which are on African subjects. His work has been featured in most major magazines in the United States and Europe. He has made more than forty trips to Africa. Edward Borg has been seriously involved in photography since 1956, when he bought his first Leica M3. A world traveler, he has been published in several travel-related magazines. In recent years, he has switched to digital photography, and he continues his extensive travels. He has made numerous trips to Africa. Edward Sokolosky began his extensive photographic experience in high school, continuing later in the Air Force and still later as a newspaper photographer. His career with A. G. Edwards fostered his love of travel and wildlife. Sokolosky shoots both film and digital, using the advantages of each to create his art.

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