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A beautiful combination of photographs, drawings, and text for preschool age and up illustrates how sand becomes stone, forming the landscape of the desert Southwest. Highlights the many amazing forms from hoodoos to arches, showing how change creates beauty.


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Sand to Stone and Back Again

  • Nancy Bo Flood's work has focused primarily on children and young adults, whether as a writer, counselor, teacher, or parent. She has lived in Malawi, Africa, Hawaii, Japan, the western Pacific, and, most recently, the Navajo Nation Reservation.

    Tony Kuyper is a photographer living in the heart of the desert Southwest, in northern Arizona near the small community of Shonto. In addition to solo exhibits of his work, he has been featured by Smart Photography magazine for their "Master Craftsman" interview series, and has had work accepted in PhotoSpiva, an annual worldwide photo competition in Joplin, Missouri.

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